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All Living Organisms

Industrial Uses

Sustainable Design

How Do They See?

This trait of living organisms inspire us to design brand new displays and photonics technologies including cameras and sensors.

Successful Stories from Biomimicry


Biodegradable White Pigment

Inspired by Cuticle of Beetles

Sea Turtle

Ski for Experts

Inspired by Turtle Shell

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Secure Anti-counterfeit Seals

Inspired by Morpho Butterfly

Image by MD_JERRY

Tough Materials

Inspired by Ant Mouthparts

Image by Dorothea OLDANI

Bionic Urban Air Mobility

Inspired by Dragonflies

Image by Thomas Kelley

Energy Efficient Aerodynamic Fan

Inspired by Humpback Whales

Environment Drives Evolution

Valley Life

Grey Squirrel
Sunset on the Desert

Desert Life

Cactus Plants
Green Coral and Fish

Ocean Life

Sea Sponges
Tropical Leaves

Tropic Life

Poison Frog
Zebras in Wild

Savanna Life


Beach Life


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